Sonntag, 5. Januar 2014

Zwischen Mond und Erde / Earth & Moon

Update vom 11. April 2014.

  • The distance D from the Earth to the Moon is on average 334.400 km.
  • This is the distance from the barycenter of the Earth-Moon-System (~1.700 km under the Earth's surface) to the Moon's center.
  • The distance between our planet and the Moon is therefore D minus 1.700 minus 1.738 (the Moon's radius) = 380.962 km = E. (The NASA Fact Sheet speaks about nearly 378.000 km.)
  • The same goes for the distance at perigree and apogee, so that we get minE = 356.400 km and maxE = 406.700 km [shown as the black shadows of the Moon].
  • The difference between average perigree and apogee distance and the average distance E is 21.296 and 24.734 km, or 5,5 and 6,4% of E.